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I spent most of today barefoot in the garden.
When I came in I gave my feet a nice bath & pedicure in the sink.
(I dream of a fancy little foot tub on the floor, complete with a drain, running water & a bench)
Then I pulled on these sample socks from Ozone Designs...
I want so much to like them and if they were a few inches longer I think I would.
They actually stayed up tonight around the house...
but every time I've worn them and done any real walking they fell right down to my ankles.
(if anyone out there has worn these & likes them I'd like to hear from you about it).
I got this letter last night, it made me smile so much I wanted to share it...
Hi - I just wanted to drop a note thanking you for running this particular
store. You've got to know how hard it is to find giant sweater socks at
all, much less such an awesome selection, and your prices are fantastic.
I'll be sending you too much money for as long as you're in business.
Saturday, May 31, 2003 ~ permalink

Aren't those elephant toes?
yes, why yes, they certainly are!
every toe seperate & free to jump in a puddle or climb on a tree.
If elephant toes aren't your thing perhaps purple instinct or pond or mudbath...
or maybe meteorite or amethyst or pink dust if you must...
in fact there are more, yes more colors than that...
so if you love your toes and you love socks
doesn't it make sense that you will love toesocks?
I promise your toes will thank you!

Friday, May 30, 2003 ~ permalink

Hood ornament

I pulled into my driveway this evening and wondered if I could capture this shot...
the blooming foxgloves, the sunset and my socks on the scratched up hood of my volvo. the cool bevel effect, perfect!
I've been fantasizing about vertical stripes again,
...even painted some on these cut offs the other day.
I'm ordering a thinner version of the 50 & 100 inch long socks (more colors too) in hopes of being able to have them produced more quickly. I'm also going to have thinner 36 inch socks made with vertical stripes and a patterned top. I've asked that they be as soft & stretchy as possible. This all should have been accomplished weeks ago but we have random email troubles with that supplier and it turns out they had suffered an earthquake (so many earthquaks lately!) so nothing was getting getting through to them.
Thursday, May 29, 2003 ~ permalink

depending on where you are or what time it is
it may seem a wee bit warm to be wearing wool socks...
that's what I thought til I put them on...
they are warm, comfortably warm.
But, why was I thinking of wool?
I'm going up to visit family in Canada in a couple of weeks
and plan to swing by Custom Woolen Mills to get a look at their socks, tour the mills & hopefully establish a business relationship with them. They have nice wool socks...
next winter we'l be glad I was thinking about wool on this lovely spring day!
Wednesday, May 28, 2003 ~ permalink

New anklets!

These are an excellent hot weather anklet...
perfect with sandals, mary janes or...
they are a "mini fishnet" so they won't let any of your toes slip through
and they are super stretchy so they stay comfortable all day.
You might want to give yourself a pedicure
(I smoothed some heel balm on right before slipping these on)
...and paint your toenails to make your feet their sexy best.
(nope, we still don't sell toenail polish)
Or choose one of our other newest styles...
(I just updated that page too!)

Tuesday, May 27, 2003 ~ permalink

I've been wearing navy & grey cotton stripes since last night...
I liked the picture better this way though and actually have one pair that looks like this. I thought I was out a while back and took them off the stripes page, then I didnt put them back on since there is just the one pair. If someone wanted them I would gladly sell them.
I took advantage of today's holiday status and the wonderful weather and spent most of my day outside cleaning and rearranging my tiny patio area. It felt so relaxing & rewarding!
now I'm ready to start my week...
Monday, May 26, 2003 ~ permalink

I've got new fishnet gloves!
they are comfy & sexy and got me some happy attention from girls today...
one nearly purrred her appreciation for how they looked...
{{{I nearly melted}}}
I used safety pins to secure them to the bottoms of my sleeves,
that way the outer part that was most visible appeared to hang effortlessly midway up my arms.
This also allowed for easy removal to use or wash my hands as needed.
(they hung safely at my sides til I slipped them back on)
By this evening I decided to try cutting out the 3 center fingertips on each side...
I'm happy with the results as it allows for more tactility.
Sockwise I'm wearing the hemp bootsocks
I kept them hidden in my boots while I was out so it didn't matter that they don't exactly match the gloves
I love them anyway!

Saturday, May 24, 2003 ~ permalink

We finally got more of the pink & white nylon stripes in,
but they're not quite the same pink as these from a previous batch...
Its more of a shell pink than these, I'm going to have to take pictures for the stripes page.
I wore them over 36 inch grey long socks. I pulled both pairs up as high as they'd go, then carefully folded them down once to just above my knees. Next I secured the elastic garters over the first fold and finished by folding the tops down one more time to cover the elastic making sure everything was smooth with no binding. It looked really cute with my black boots & a black dress topped by a delicate pink blouse someone brought me from Japan years ago...
it has vented underarms which were perfect for this muggy weather we're having today
(of course the doubled socks in tall boots were of no bother to me, sock lover that I am~;).
Friday, May 23, 2003 ~ permalink

guest sock girl...

This is Brittney, she has a personal site that is alot of fun to read.
Today she sent us this picture & this note:
I bought these purple boot socks awhile back, and it occured to me you might like a picture, so here ya go :) 
(ps. You are free to do whatever you like with it.)
Thanks Brittney!!!
..actually that was sent to my partner who has been reading her blog for far longer than I, and he assures me she will be happy to be Fetishized by Me.
I hope she loves her bootsocks as much as we love ours!
I spent my day outside, playing with dogs and doing yardwork while testing a pair of those sample knee highs I showed off here last week. They make really nice slouch socks. With any luck we should be able to sell them before long.
Stuff I've figured out in the past day...
1. Foot Fetiche Heel Callus and Cuticle Balm Bar is so named because you put it on like lip balm to make your feet appear more supple when you're not hiding them in socks.
2. If you cuff your socks and use elastic sock garters to keep them up it works even better if you put the elastic over the second layer of sock and them fold them over the top. (I'll take a picture to show you what I mean this weekend.)
3. I'm going to have to rebuild the fishnet page because with the new items that came in yesterday that page has officially reached massive overload...
Do you find my site chaotic?
does it bother you?
I've been wracking my brain to restructure it and continue to draw blanks...
you know how I love feedback...
if you have any, feel free to share it...

Thursday, May 22, 2003 ~ permalink

my old fav's, day 5

When I moved to Oregon about 8 years ago I was going through a "normal" phase...
my hair was it's natural color, I wore dockers and one day while shopping at REI I found this pair of Thorlo socks. I fell in love and went back for another pair every payday for a couple of months. This pair was always my favorite of the bunch as I learned both the value of good socks and that even high end brands can vary from one pair to the next. Towards the end of the 90s I found my way out of that phase and started paying alot more attention to my feet, the rest is nearly history...
Wednesday, May 21, 2003 ~ permalink

this is a pair I loved so much I had two pairs originally. This is something I only did twice, it worked well because if one ran away or got holes I had a replacement handy. When both pairs were in use I probably wore them most of the week for several years in the mid 90s while I was busily unloading trucks, breaking down pallets and bossing people around. You can see the results on the bottom of my left foot (you should see how well worn some of my shoes from then are, one pair reminded me of how a tire looks after a blow out). I may sleep in them tonight.

Earlier this evening I put on my ecru striped skins and headed over to my favorite bookstore, not to work...
to see Jacques Pepin speak about his latest book. I haven't read it, but I've watched him cook on TV for years, I particularly liked the series he did with his daughter Claudine who was there with him (she wasn't wearing socks). He is such a nice man! he came right up & shook my hand before he went up to speak. I wasn't expecting to get to meet him and I don't think I stopped grinning for about a half an hour. I couldn't see his socks though...
Tuesday, May 20, 2003 ~ permalink

My old fav's, day 3

as you can see this pair has had a lot of love!
both heels are quite worn and barely held together by their threads.
I got them in the early 90s and was still wearing them for holidays & such until just a few years ago (they went to many a company dinner with me during my corporate years).
This evening I get to go work at my favorite bookstore for a few hours and have chosen my black knee high cloudtreks to keep my toes warm & safe. They aren't very photogenic but they are hydrophobic (which still amuses me).
Monday, May 19, 2003 ~ permalink

my old favorites, day 2

this was my fanciest pair for many years...
I don't remember when or where I got them, mid to late 80s I think.
They've probably been to some really good concerts (as well as some crappy ones) with me in some shoes I never should've left the house in, let alone walked in for hours. I wish I still had some of those cruel shoes, I probably threw them out in disgust sometime in the early 90s when I was rebelling against all things fashionable along with some bloomers, pedal pushers and some really ruffle-y blouses (I've regretted dumping those bloomers for years now, I still have one of the blouses though). These anklets always made me mad if I wore them all day because they would slip down & drive me crazy. I don't know how many times I swore I'd never wear them again, then the next time I wanted my feet to feel special I'd give them another try.
I'm spending this lazy Sunday in my elephant toe socks. Several times washed & worn now with no shrinkage or loss of body. I love them every bit as much as I did the first week.
Sunday, May 18, 2003 ~ permalink

Theme week: my old favorites

A little while ago Yummy Wakame interviewed me, asking burning questions in need of answers...
in the second question I mention a little shop that had the most interesting socks I'd ever seen. Well this is the first pair of interesting socks I remember buying in that shop (it was named the Memory Gallery). I must've been about 13, I honestly don't remember noticing socks before this pair. I wore them all the way through my teens. At some point I realized they were getting holes and retired them, though I still took them on every trip I went on for years. Then I filled them with potpourri and put one in the trunk of my car and the other in the back seat. A few years later I emptied them & put them away for safe keeping. Today I put them on for awhile to admire & take some pictures. They still stay up at my knees all these years later! Right now I'm wearing my purple 36 inchers. Tomorrow I'll show off another favorite from years gone by...
Saturday, May 17, 2003 ~ permalink

New sample socks!!!

last night I took the garters off and left the leg warmers over the sweater socks for lounging around all evening, they actually stayed up above my calves and were sooo comfy! I even left them on for sleeping. When I woke up both pairs were still on, all the way on.
In the big box of new socks yesterday was a little box with these (and a blue pair) & a note saying they have a few (dozen, I'm guessing) left from last season at a price I find quite reasonable. I put them on this afternoon, they come to just below my knees when cuffed and seemed to stay there with ease, they scrunch (or slouch, of you prefer) nicely too. I think I'm going to take them up on this offer and can't wait to see what else they have!
Friday, May 16, 2003 ~ permalink

They're here!
I put mine on this morning in hopes they would come in today
...and they did!!! the leg warmers come in natural (like I'm wearing now), white and off white, navy & black. I only got the socks in white for now (I welcome any feedback, they come in the same colors as the leg warmers). I didn't know what to call them so I think I'll just use sweater socks for these. I gave them their own page, I'll get more info & pictures on it soon too...
Thursday, May 15, 2003 ~ permalink

yes, it's true, these are pretty much my favorite pair of socks ever!
36 inches of soft pink socksies
secured above my knees with sock garters
(I left the ends showing in the picture, but they tuck into the cuff nicely).
Did you know socks this long are often called stockings?
I think most of the world knows this actually
however, here in America we've got our terms a little confused
when we hear the word stockings we think of tights
...and those things we got candy in as kids for that winter holiday
at least I do, or did...
Wednesday, May 14, 2003 ~ permalink

this shot was inspired by a image our resident foot fetishist found online...
when we realized we hadn't done one quite like it I decided to give it a try
...and on went the white cotton over the knee stockings.
(I think he enjoyed today's shoot even more than yesterday's~;)
These were one of the first styles I started carrying and quickly became a best seller.
Back then we only had them in white and black...
now they come in red, navy, wheat & brownie too.
I once considered discontinuing them because I wasn't sure they were worth the trouble I was having getting them from the supplier and they don't stay up on me anyway. But I was told by a dear customer that I would be crazy not to carry a classic like these and suggested using liquid latex when garters/suspenders weren't practical. I'd never heard of that before, though I remembered that one of my suppliers carried a liquid latex marketed as "pastie glue". I've only used it a few times, it really works well. The elastic garters will keep them up too, though if you're just wearing them to bed you may not need them to stay up that long anyway.
Tuesday, May 13, 2003 ~ permalink

Tuesday, May 13, 2003 ~ permalink

I started out chilly today,
nice layers based on my pair of 100 inch black crazy long socks sounded yummy...
I pulled them up tight to my knees with all the folds at my thighs,
then I pulled up the pink 36" long socks which I cuffed over the grey & ivory stripes.
At first it felt extra snug, soon it became very secure & comfortable.
To warm my arms I put leg warmers over them,
then I was warm enough to wear fun clothes and climb a walnut tree without shoes.
The sun even came out for the occasion.
Monday, May 12, 2003 ~ permalink

toe to toe with my kitty in my toesocks...
I think his fuzzy little toes are more ticklish than mine and right after I shot this one he got up, marched straight over to the dog and gave him the look, as if it were all somehow Jake's fault, he had the posture all set to give him a vengeful swat too, then he thought better of it and went off to check his food bowl instead.
I've been wearing these knee high toe socks since last night and am happy to report that they stay up really well. They may not be the most interesting looking toesocks but they are the most comfortable and best performing toesocks I've tried. No, they don't perform tricks or do any special dances (though now that I think of it I suppose they could, they could perform little toe dances and perhaps a little toe magic) anyway, what I meant was that all the toes stay in place, even my tiny pinky toes that like to curl under, the heel is shaped like, well, it's shaped like a heel, and it stays in place too, no wandering around to see how the other side feels.
I was going to share my thoughts on preworn socks tonight, but I think I'll wait...
Saturday, May 10, 2003 ~ permalink

the zippers went down & the boots came off
then the striped socks passed my feet
and lay crumpled on the bed next to me
I pulled the navy toe socks out from under my pillows
I love to hide toe socks near my pillows for bedtime
they were inside out so one by one I pulled the toes out
then slipped them on, one toe at a time
til all my toes were hugged & free
and pulled the cuffs up to my knees
when I looked up the walls were on fire
alive with colors yet none on my toes
reality is an illusion I reminded myself
I curled my toes and let out a giggle
it always tricks me, reality
Friday, May 09, 2003 ~ permalink

I now present
yes, it is merely a redirect into the Fetishize-me site, but it's pretty cool no?
Friday, May 09, 2003 ~ permalink

Today, by request, grape & black cotton stripes
I shot this right after I put them on when they were still up as high as I could pull them.
After several hours of walking around in my tall black boots they were still a few inches above my knees (no doubt they'd've fallen below my scrawny knees without the boots).
By request? yes, if someone asks nicely and it works in with my plans I occassionally wear something by request.
(As you can probably imagine I've received some requests that were less than polite).
I paid for my print ad today so I'm commited...
it will be a 1/3 page black & white ad in Gothic Beauty, issue 10, which is due out mid August, I have til mid June to turn in my TIFF file, then it's time to get ready for the potential increase in sales which will lead to being able to provide a truly dynamic sock site with a fetish twist.
Thursday, May 08, 2003 ~ permalink

I wanted to wear the thick & baggy long socks to compare the to the other longsocks today. I put the lunar eclipse socklings on to keep them cleaner around the house. Another added benefit about wearing two pairs is that at bedtime you can take off the outer pair and climb into bed with the clean inner pair.
So, these are thicker than the other longsocks, a bit baggier(not as much as we'd originally hoped though) and a few inches longer than the longsocks. As I start redesigning the site in coming months I think I will end up putting all the various longsocks on one page to simplify & better compare them.
Now, when I say we're redesigning don't expect to come & find everything different one day, no, I plan to keep it much like it is, just cleaner and better organized. By cleaner I mean that I was a complete novice when I started the site nearly three years ago, I've been using software that makes it easy for me to put out something that looks decent but could perform alot better. My pages tend to have alot of unnecessary code that can slow loading & confuse older browsers. Plus I'd like to add some neat features in the future that I don't have the slightest idea how to use properly. I will have professional help for this task, though being the control freak I kind of am I will be learning as much as possible in the process. Another big thing I'm working on is my first print ad for a quarterly goth fashion 'zine due out late summer, I'll tell more later, like maybe after I've actually accomplished it. The first change you will see here is that after nearly three months using livejournal for this page I've decided to go with blogger pro, we'll have more control over the appearance, a nicer comments system and it should load a whole lot better than it has been lately. That's all for now...
sleepy toes
Wednesday, May 07, 2003 ~ permalink

purple 36 inch longsocks with purple & black stripes
This looked so nice!
...and turned alot of heads while I was out & about.
we don't have those exact stripes (cotton), haven't been able to get them for about a year but there are sooo many stripey choices that it's easy to find a good replacement. In fact, I think the nylon stripes I wore on the 2nd would look really sexy with the big knit cuff.
Tuesday, May 06, 2003 ~ permalink

These anklets were too sexy not to try on...
now I only wish I'd had somewhere to go & show them off today.
The stripes are solid black (as are the toes, heels & cuffs) the rest is completely sheer,
you can see your skin straight through and it looks sooo cool! (they come in white too)
Monday, May 05, 2003 ~ permalink

I really love layering my socks...
and judging by some of the letters I've been getting I'm not alone.
This morning I looked in the box, saw these two & knew what I wanted to wear for the day, first I put on the pink 36 longsocks then I pulled the ivory & grey stripes over them before folding the pink back down for a nice cuff. I had to go fill in at the cookbook store for a few hours this evening and I got a ton of compliments from customers & coworkers alike, I even caught people checking them out down the aisles while I was shelving. They stayed up really well too (cuffing helps as do tall boots).
Sunday, May 04, 2003 ~ permalink

Many of the colors go by unique names like kangaroo, mud bath, pink dust & pond.
Most are midcalves, with only three anklet colors & one knee high.
I chose elephant toes, he chose navy knee highs, which will you choose?
I made these toesocks a nice new page. I also created a new page named Newest items, it is basically the same as the what's next? page was, I created that page back when I had more stuff planned for the future than I had new stuff to feature, now it's the other way around so it was time for the change, if you go there you can see all the latest items for this month and last. What about what's next? it's still there & is up to date, soon I will convert it back to what's actually next intead of what's new, what's sort of new & what might be next, but not now, I'm done for the night, me & my elephant toe socks in sleepy land with navy knee highs til sunrise...
Saturday, May 03, 2003 ~ permalink

I'm busily working on adding all the newest socks tonight...
I had no idea all those toesocks would get here so quickly!
We got some sexy new anklets too (water stripes, sheer red roses & leopard anklets).
Today I paired purple & black nylon stripes with violet socklings.
I've been wanting to wear these together for weeks but I couldn't find the second sockling til last night. It wouldn't tell me where it went and I can only imagine the stories it was telling the other socks in box last night! The socklings stayed up higher this way. I've noticed that usually happens when you wear one sock over another. The stripes stayed up at my thighs without any help at all.
Friday, May 02, 2003 ~ permalink

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