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I used to do fun roll overs here quite often, then when I switched to using journal tools I never bothered to find new ways to do it. It's great for when I have more than one image I really like & can't choose just one. That's what led to this ani-gif. Plus I had a request for sock videos this week, it has crossed my mind before, but I don't plan to do them anytime soon so here is a fun compromise.
You can see how these are a bit lighter in that one part to the right. They also have lines up the sides, it's the one dissapointment I've had with these. It's barely noticeable on the plaids & bricks, but more so on the cammies and even more on these. I had some tiger stripes like these from Music Legs last year & they were the same way. Foot Traffic has alot of neat animal prints including reptile skins but I don't want pale stripes down the sides~:(

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I wore these again today with taller boots leaving just a few inches of camouflage showing at the tops. These are my favorites from this week's new knee highs. I can get all of these in tights too when we're ready. Tomorrow I'll be showing what I don't like about this line...
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new knee highs...

Thick as a brick...
well, nearly. These are called a trouser sock by the supplier, I think we'll just call them knee highs, at least for now. They are very much like the plaid knee highs, very thick nylon that isn't likely to run, they stay up perfectly & they come in loads of patterns so I just chose a few to start (I'll show off the other two over the weekend). I may as well tell you the truth, we took the pictures yesterday, the dress in the shot below is a dead give away. I'm actually wearing my grey 36" longsocks today. Funny thing about the grey ones, they are shorter, no idea why, maybe mine shrunk a bit too, but they still stay up beautifully over my knees with their little tops folded over just once. They are so great for comfy lazy days!
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New stuff for days

As promised, plaid thigh highs!
Just like the plaid knee highs, they reached the tops of my thighs and stayed all day through lots of walking & ladder climbing. I took along my elastic garters just in case but never needed them. I measured right before I took them off this evening and they were a full 28 inches above my heels. I put black bootsocks on to make sure I didn't slip around inside my shoes too much. I got several compliments throughout the day too, they really seem to catch peoples eyes. They cost more than I expected so it's a good thing they performed well!
More new stuff for days to come...

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Sweater socks & sock garters

Today we got a huge box of white sweater socks.
In anticipation of their arrival I put on my own pair, which you may remember me dyeing lavender last month. I've gotten alot of compliments on this color but am waiting to dye a batch because I was told by the supplier that they were making them in a purple & I want to see what they come up with since mass dyeing has proven to be a challenge for me at this time (due largely to lack of space & proper equipment). Sometime in the next week I'm expecting another box from them that will have (among other things) samples, hopefully it will include samples of the longer version of these I requested. I will post more information here as soon as I have more information to post.
Last night we sold the last pair of the elastic sock garters made by the folks at Orkney Angora so I've switched things around and made a special page for sock garters (yes, still in the current format because I hit a bit of a wall with the redesign, I'll get past it, in time, anyway...) I currently have red buttons, black buttons & white elastic, I should have my mother of pearl buttons by this weekend and am looking for some other nice buttons like glass & fancy antique styles, I'll also go ahead & get the more expensive imported black elastic if they don't get the domestic in soon. I've written them three times now about it, you'd think they'd find the time to respond. I myself have trouble keeping up with all the questions & letters I get, but it's been over a week since I sent the first one. Sorry if I sound whiney, I'm quite tired, the bookstore needed me to work alot more days than usual this week, which I love, despite not having as much time to procrastinate as I'm used to, but these toes are tired tonight! Tomorrow I'll tell you what else came in the mail today...
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I brought in the striped knee high toesocks by request...
unfortunately we got a wonky batch and they got holes after just one wearing and washing so I sent them all back to the supplier. Now they have sent us a (hopefully) better batch. Today I wore this pair, took some pictures then tossed them in the wash. After going through the dryer I got them out and gave them a good examination. They do look better, a few loose threads near the stripe switchover spot, but they don't unravel into holes like the bad ones did. Who knew stripes were prone to little thready issues? Now for the cool things about these, they are knee high and they stay up well, their tops are finished on the inside and can be folded over for a nice cuff, the toes stayed in place fairly well and the stripes go all the way down the feet. Toesocks are sooooo comfy too! So these are once again available to buy.
Here's an excerpt from a happy toesock letter I got yesterday...

So I wore the toe socks all day at work today and had very happy feet. My big toes tend to get smooshed in my shoes and by the end of the day smooshed toes are hurting. It felt like these socks helped to prevent toe-smoosh together, and that means very very happy toes. They are also very lightweight. It felt like I was floating on air (inside my boots!) And surprisingly they kept my feet very dry even inside my boots and when I was sweating like I have sweat before.
Kxxx was wearing the all there toe socks in pink dust.
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The fishnet thigh highs make equally great knee highs!
it never even occured to me til a few weeks ago when Livvy said she wore hers this way. I used my (first pair of) handmade elastic sock garters to hold them just above my knees. I put the fishnets on inside out so the lace would flip over & be right side out, it looked really cute cuffed right over my knees (unfortunately I had inched them up a little before the pix were taken & I don't think it looked as good as it did earlier, but now that I know I will do it again soon & get better pictures. Back to my elastic sock garters, I finally secured sources for buying it in bulk, yes, after months of not being able to find even one that I didn't need to buy 5000 yards from I found three that I can buy any amount from. I hope to get black soon too, but it's currently about 5x as expensive as white so I'm waiting. I'm collecting buttons now & will have a selection of garters ready by the end of the week...
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sleeping socks
...dreaming socks

the subject of best socks to sleep in came up this week.
I mentioned how great the bootsocks are for sleeping in, longsocks, the longer the better, are nice on cold nights, cashmere is a luxury for toasty sleepy toes, I'm having the Orkney folks make some angora anklets in dreamy colors, toesocks are among my favs at bedtime, and these, the fuzzy socks are the softest socks we have, inside & out, so they not only feel wonderful for your wiggling toes they are nice to brush up against in the night.
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When's lunch?

I must admit that I'm not fond of argyle or tights
(I brought both in by request)
so I had no plans for wearing these til I was filling an order earlier & realized they didn't look like I imagined them from the supplier's picture. What I'd thought was grey was actually flesh showing through as these tights are all black, I was intrigued and went on to plan my day's outfit around them which was perfect since I was filling in at the bookstore this morning (this is their desk, special thanks to Brigid for taking this shot, I was off the clock & she was on lunch). I added my grey 36 inch long socks for warmth & sockie comfort...
By the end of the day I actually started liking tights!
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The Argyle page is up...
we have two knee highs from Ozone, four otks from Alpal & argyle tights from Music Legs.
I've been wearing my argyle otks all day. Once again they pulled right up to my thighs, but I didn't wear garters with them so they slipped down closer to my knees ny the end of the day, never falling below them. Actually they stayed midthigh through grocery shopping & driving so they can just be pulled back up pretty easily when needed.
It's late, I'm sleepy & I have homemade chocolate cherry cupcakes for my bedtime snack...

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I will never tire of my royal blue bootsocks
on chilly mornings they are as yummie as hot coffee or tea
on warm afternoons they breathe & stay comfy
on breezy evenings they are warm & reassuring
they're even great in bed
...for sleeping in, I mean:)
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socks: a low risk investment

socks: a low risk investment

Hi Niq!
I received my latest order today, and once again I am squeeeling with delight. The burgundy stripes are really amazing. The color is absolutely delicious! It is a really rich, warm and vibrant burgundy. I would almost call it raspberry. I can't wait until the next not-so-humid day to wear them.
The mini fishnet anklets exceed my expectations. I was a little hesitant to buy them because you said they don't stretch far above the ankle. I pulled them up higher, but I didn't wear them long, so I bet they will inch down if I wear them all day. I think they are so cool. I wanted to find some cool socks to wear with my mary janes and long pants to work. I always see old ladies wearing ankle pantyhose or knee-highs. I think it is a good idea to appropriately cover feet while in a professional environment, but sticky-icky pantyhose?? These fishnets are much better, 100% comfortable and not toe squishing while still looking professional.
The fuzzy socks are amazing. The texture is just heavenly, like soft baby duckling down. Both the inside and outside has this lovely texture, so the wearer can share the cuddly fuzziness with his or her foot worshipper. Heehee! The socks are also very cool and breathable. It is just awful hot at this time of the year, and my feet are still at a comfortable temperature in these socks. I think I might have to buy more fuzzy socks. I bet the leg warmers would make really great arm warmers!

Thanks Kxxx!!!
I feel truly blessed to have such wonderful people wearing our socks & sharing their joy! might've noticed that although I usually use green to distiguish the words of others from my own I used pink today. That's because I also use green for links and I thought it best to switch. The one problem with pink is that if it's a man I'm quoting it may not be appropriate, perhaps I should use white?
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Two for Tuesday...

Green, another color that can be tricky to display...
Above are the green & black cotton stripes which stay up really well.
Below are the new green & black nylon stripes which are actually darker & less shiney than they appear here and go up (and stay up) nice & high like the other new nylon stripes.
We're almost out of the half socks so I ordered more plus some new stuff: trouser socks with leopard spots, bricks & camouflage and rainbow leg warmers (should arrive next week) also some new cable knit leg warmers & rainbow toesocks that are back ordered (due in October).
I hope you aren't getting as many viruses sent to you today as I am...
Fortunately my anti virus protection is deleting them all immediately, I keep running scans to make sure though. The worst part is that these viruses have a way of hijacking people's email addresses, usually it's businesses (like ours) that get used, they then send the virus to other people using my address as the "sender" even though my system is clean and these messages are not originating from my system. The reason I know this is happening is that I have had several responses from blocked viruses today. Again, I want to stress that I am not sending viruses out & am actively protecting my system. Also, I never send messages with attachments unless requested so please be careful what you open, even if it's from a name you trust.

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another Monday in my little sock world...

as much as I hate to post another picture of something we don't actually sell here, these are what I'm wearing today & I don't have anything more interesting to feature, so here they are, the toesocks that changed my mind about toesocks. I'm wearing them because they were the handiest pair last night when I put lotion on (I try to keep clean socks within easy reach where I might need them). The toesocks we sell now are actually better than these, especially the all there toesocks because they hug each toe perfectly (even my tiny little curled pinky toes). The other toesocks we sell are wonderful & comfy too, some of them are even fuzzy, but the black & white striped ones we just got came from a "bad batch", they formed holes at the beginning of each stripe after some wearing & washing (the red & white stripes seem to be okay though). Luckily we'd only sold one pair and it was returned this weekend so I was able to send them all back this morning. Better luck next time. At least it was a US supplier so returning them was easy.
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You win some, you lose some...

I haven't been dyeing these past couple of weekends because I was out of fixative and hadn't gotten around to getting more yet. This week I was asked about orange leg warmers so I got myself some soda ash & did a test batch using my new pressure cooker and two pairs each of leg warmers & socks, two styles each. The two that went under pressure with the fixative were total losses (sweater socks & sweater leg warmers). I have no way of knowing exactly what happened between sealing & reopening that pot, but the results were not pretty, they came out looking more like corroded pennies than bright sunny socks:( they were coming out so nicely before that too), I suspect that sodium carbonate & aluminum don't play well together under pressurized heat, though nothing I've read in the past week indicated it would be a problem.
..and the winners, orange sherbet longsocks (that will be redyed later for more intensity), and some nice yellow/orange cotton legwarmers (overdyed from last months' marigold batch)
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Weekend reading...

I've been eyeing this book for months & finally let myself get it last week. Nice little book with information about how feet are designed, what ails them, how to care for them and how to dress them nicely. It's also got fun foot pictures and yummie recipes for foot baths. Powell's books now has a virtual bookshelf system for their "partners" (like us), I just finished setting ours up here: virtual bookshelf. I only get 30 titles, and don't get to add my own comments, but they maintain the pricing & availability. We personally own some of the books I listed, I'd love to have some of those we don't, and some I've never even seen but was intrigued by. As I've mentioned before, there aren't many sock books, but there sure are alot of shoe books! I could've put more, but I wanted to share some foot care & fetish books as well. After I read this book I got my feet nice & clean, slathered on some lotion, then covered them up in my elephant toesocks.
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Magick socks?

Ozone's Healing Radionic Socks
Radionics is a universally accepted term for an alternative technology used to cure or prevent disease. The Radionic on this sock was devised by Duncan Laurie from Alternative technology that has been in use for over 100 years.
Ozone makes no medical claim in connection with the Healing Radionic Socks.

Neither do we....
Last holiday season Laurie at Ozone sent me a pair of these to sample. They're pretty cool looking, my friends & family raved that they were among the coolest socks they'd seen, but I wasn't so impressed when they didn't withstand machine washings. A few weeks ago I got a serious request for them so I brought in a minimum order and now have 2 of the red & black and 3 of the black & white left. At this point I still don't plan to carry these so I'm not adding them to the site, but if you'd like a pair I'd be happy to sell them to you for $15 red & black or black & white
(I know, they're costly, another reason I don't want to carry them).
...and I still don't recommend machine washing these.

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Pink & white, fishnets & more...

Last week when I ordered in more of the new striped thigh highs they offered me some other new items...
pink & white fishnets, pink & white opaque thigh highs & anklets with pink bows, without seeing them I went for it knowing that we've been happy with their other items. Just like the new vertical striped fishnets (from a different supplier) the white fishnets did not stay up on their own. This time I chose elastic sock garters to help keep them up. They have so much lace at the top that if you put them on inside out you can fold the top right over the elastic so that you still see the pretty shiney side (they easily stretched all the way up my thighs, even folded over). The opaque thigh highs are exactly the same, just with opaque white nylon instead of fishnet. The anklets label has a misprint that says knee highs, but they are indeed an anklet, white nylon that you can just barely see through, the pink satin bows have little white polka dots.
For now they are only available on the newest items page...
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Fishnet combos...

niq, i appreciate the opportunity to exhibited my legs in your socks at your site there are a bunch and im not sure what you want to use, in the pictures is zeus and suki (in addition to my legs)
i do love the red otk socks under the fishnets, sometimes i even add another layer *lace & bows, usually red and black. the otk socks stay up pretty well under the fishnets -unless im running around trying to set up pictures with two crazy dogs as props i hope you enjoy

Oh, such cute shots they were too, I had a tough time choosing just one, I would venture to guess this is Zeus as the other dog was quite a bit smaller (and sooo cute). I love fishnets combined with other socks, and those shoes! so sexy, you can't see it but they have flames coming from their soles. Tomorrow I'll show off some more new fishnets (white with pink lace tops) with some super cute little anklets...
btw, we got in 4 new versions of the lace & bows combos, solid white, black and red plus black with red lace & bows, no pix but if you're interested they are available to purchase...
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New fishnets...

Since I wasn't able to get vertical striped socks I got the next best thing, vertical striped thigh highs! These are fishnets, we also have them in nylon with sheer striping in between the black stripes, sooo sexy!
I haven't tried the sheer stripes, but the supplier has such a nice image I'll just use it for now. I did wear the fishnet stripes today, they went on nicely & are comfortable, but I'm afraid they didn't stay up (maybe it's just my scrawny thighs, I am near the bottom of their "one size" scale).
I added my vinyl garter belt and they stayed up fine for the rest of the day. I even updated the thigh highs & fishnet pages to include them.
So many new styles to get added in this week...
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Fishnet Monday
Sweet Niq,
I finally got round to taking photos of my favourite fetishize-me socks - the sparkly fishnets. Sorry I took so long to do this, I really don't know why I never got round to it as it was a lot of fun!!
The sparkles came out really well don't you think? I was totally amazed at how comfortable they are to wear. They are incredibly soft and spongy, I was expecting them to be stringy and scratchy like most fishnets, the total opposite! I could sleep in them and it would feel like I was wearing nothing at all, except the elastic band of course which was snug enough to keep them up all the time but still very comfortable. The mesh is also the perfect size for me - a really elegant design. I'm not so crazy about the standard fishnets with bigger holes as toes can escape and stick out from strappy shoes, so these are just perfect. I also like that you can adjust them from knee-high to thigh-high depending on your mood and they still look exactly right.

Thanks Livvy! those are some mighty fine pictures, the sparkles show wonderfully (they are indeed a challenge to photograph). Another thing I want to offically thank Livvy for is fixing up the comments & archives here recently. She does amazing web design, I only wish I could afford her full services:)
New fishnets!!!
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I just added the new crazy longsock arrivals (there should be a couple more coming), we now have the 100s in more colors & the 50s in black and white again. The first of the lighter 50s are in too, they are a lighter grey than before, the knit is the same as the longsocks (just a bit lighter than the thick & baggies, but you can hardly tell the difference)...
super long socks custom made for Fetishize Me
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Love your feet...

I'm reposting this picture from May because it's the one I used for our ad in the fall issue of Gothic Beauty. Since it was released today & should be bringing new people to our site I thought it'd be nice to use. I chose it for the ad because I think it is a perfect example of what makes this site special, lots of stripes & lots of long sock styles...
in the picture I'm wearing a pair of the grey & ivory cotton stripes over a pink pair of the 36 inch socks. You could mix & match any of the colors for your very own unique combination.
I was hoping to have the "new site" all in place before the ad came out, I've just never managed to get it to a point where I'm comfortable with it's functionality, so the current design remains, it may not be as well organized as the other version, but it is up to date & fully functioning, which is a bit more important to me than sleek & professional looking right now.
Starting tomorrow, at least three days of fabulous fishnets...
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Caramel & letter trios

I'm sharing a trio of letters tonight, starting with a silly one...

Subject: Help
My roommate wrapped me up like a mummy in all of her pantyhose, tights, and stockings and threw me in her closet and went shopping for awhile after she caught me in her drawers playing with her lingerie.. *whimpers*

I requested the pictures to prove it, but I'm guessing they were just having fun ~;)
This one inspired todays shot...

Subject: Re: carmel sock dreams
I love the new stripes so much. I wore them all day at work and they REALLY stayed up. I've been wearing Leg Ave brand for so long, and I never knew that there was better stuff avaliable. The top elastic bit did fold over, but it didn't budge an inch. If all your other nylon stripes are Leg Ave I vote to replace them with the new brand of stripes. And if you do my sock budget is just going to explode. I think carmel is my new favorite color too. I've been wearing black for so long, and I'm really afraid of wearing color, but carmel is a nice neutral that is not scary at all.

We'll keep stocking the Leg Ave stripes (they tend to be more of an otk) but have added several colors of the striped thigh highs, I even updated the stripes page today, got it all cleaned up & streamlined (til I eventually get the actual rebuild done, it will have lots more pix). This happy customer was also the inspiration for calling them caramel, last week I was going by the supplier's name, black/coffee, Kxxx said she thought they looked looked like carmel which was funny because I'd just decided to call another style's brown caramel AND the bookstore got in a caramel cookbook last week! (caramel synchronicities for me!) plus she was the one who started referring to this page as my sock journal, it stuck in my head, I like it better than "socks of the day", it sounds more accurate to me & doesn't imply that I post every single day or only once a day, I have to be realistic & acknowledge that I simply may not have enough time to do worthy entries every day in the coming months, but I'll still share my sock thoughts as often as I sanely can.
and finally....

This exchange started a couple of days after I posted the pictures of the 215 inch socks...
i love your socks site its really great!! I saw the saturday socks of the day and noticed that you said u had three pairs left. I am a long socks lover and i really want to have a pair of those. Pleasse save me a pair please. I always come on your site. Its great. If u dont have anymore make me a pair.

Hi Jxxxxx~
glad you're enjoying it!
We're currently asking $100 for a pair as the knitters had a hell of a time getting those done &
I've promised not to ask for more...
Warmest toes,
Niq Natosi

Hi I got your email thanks. I was wondering if u can make a pair just for me the way i want them. Can u have them about 50 in thick wooly and very very long like 200 - 300 in long. When u make it send me a picture of u in them :). I would appreciate it. Great site.

Oh my!
as I mentioned, the knitters didn't want to have to make anymore at 215,
I don't think they'll want to go longer....
we do still have 2 pairs of the current 215s, I can hold one for about a week, did you want to pay
with a credit card, paypal or money order?
They are going to make us some wooly longsocks this year, more likely in the 36-50 inch range.
Happy toes,
Niq Natosi

Send me more of those long thick socks to me a lot of them i really love long thick socks.
at first I thought it was a sincere inquiry, I even forwarded the first the first two to the supplier with the assurance that I wasn't going to ask for 300 inch socks, just wanted to share this person's enthusiasm, his response:

I think he is not interested in socks Niq! What do you think?
Okay, sometimes I'm a little slow to catch on to this sort of thing, I guess this line from the first letter should've tipped me off:
I always come on your site. ...'nuff said!!!
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Changes on the horizon...

This may be the last normal day/week we have for awhile.
how appropriate that I'm wearing "normal" knee highs today...
These are made by the "sweater sock" people and are quite nice, they're long enough to fold over for a big cuff on me so even if your legs are longer these should still be knee high on you. They don't necessarily stay knee high though, in fact I think they are excellent slouchers and sit nicely at midcalf with plenty of wrinkles down to your shoes.
So why are things gonna change?
I got my copy of Gothic Beauty Magazine today (the one with our ad in it!!!). Sunday I'll talk about it a little more, for now I just want to talk about all the new stuff that came today, 26 boxes! not all BIG boxes mind you, but we've got a lot of stuff to sort through this weekend, I don't even know where to begin, it looks like the rest of the order from Cyprus is here (argyle otks, 50 & 100s and the rest of the 215s), the newest nylon stripes got such rave reviews from everybody (including us) that I brought in more colors (the only ones I didn't get are neon shades that I'll likely bring in later). We got vertically striped nylon thigh highs & vertically striped fishnets & some white fishnets with pink lace at the thighs and more, yes more, we are officially inundated with socks around here so I will be spending the next few days getting everything in order & getting ready for next week...
Then again, maybe nothing will change after all...
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These came in last week, but I don't like to post socks til I have the complete order and so far I only have the first box of argyles, but I could wait no longer to try them & show them off, so here they are. Yesterday I wore them all day. At first they didn't look like they'd go past my knees, but thanks to their abundant lycra content they pulled right up to my mid thigh, I had a long & active day and never had to pull them up, after many hours I noticed they had settled just above my knees and they stayed there for many more hours, in fact, they never slipped below my knees! at bedtime I scrunched them down at my ankles. When I got up I pulled them back up & did my household stuff. Later in the day I threw them in the washer (cold water), when I pulled them out of the dryer and put them back on, no shrinkage, they pulled right up and again stayed safely just above my knees for hours & hours...
These are navy with grey & purple diamonds with green crossing, there will be a variation of this coloring & a black with grey & red, when we get them all (someone somewhere in customs must be giving them the once over twice). I'll let you know when we have the rest...
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Hello Niqkita. Dxx here. I received two pairs of toesocks earlier. Besides the longsocks I received, these toesocks are some of the nicest socks I've ever had. I already have two dozen pairs of toesocks. I love these finger socks so much I took 8 pictures of my feet and I want to send them to you.
...this letter & picture came today from the very person who requested the striped toe socks last month. We now have striped toesocks in black & white and red & white, I was actually going to get the rainbow stripes this time too but they said they'd be out til fall. Tomorrow, the new argyles!!!
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Ivory, cream or off white...

Me in ivory kilt socks, him in grey striped skins...
mine stay up no matter what, his don't, brisk walking brings them to our knees.
I was asked to clarify this ivory this morning, then I realized I never mentioned they were back. We only received 6 pairs of these several months ago & the supplier didn't restock them til this month, I'm not sure why I kept a pair except that it was back when I was still trying to wear everything we sold. So I decided to wear these & announce their arrival. While pulling them up I quickly realized they were no where near the 37 inches I said they are on their page, nope just barely 30 (from the toes up) so I started measuring the rest, currently the grey are about 31, the tan 33, and to my surprise, the current batch of ivory are 39 inches! I'm beginning to think I just shouldn't state measurements on items, batch to batch they can vary and if I say they are 37 yet they are only 32 someone will eventually be dissapointed. If I say they are at least 30 and they are 39 I wasn't really wrong was I?
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I washed these for the first time the other day...
the label says: Hand wash separately in luke warm water. Drip dry.
what'd I do? tossed them right in the washer & dryer without thinking about it.
They looked noticeably smaller right out of the dryer & I quickly felt stupid for not being more careful, but I put them on & voila, they still reached my knees (14 inches). I shaved the little balls they'd collected & off we were (sock lovers, if you haven't tried a lint shaver you don't know what you're missing! maybe we should sell them?). My shadow & I took some walks and played in the yard and they still stayed up thanks to their spandex.
P.S. I saw these on another site last week for twice as much as we're selling them for!
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This image and several of it's dozens of variations were the original homepage images for the first 2 years. If you click that image you go to a page I don't recomend of you're on a dial up connection, lots of images there, some of them a bit large, one an animated gif, the whole page is like wandering through a room in the dark, images here, there, down below, over a bit. I love it because it is all mine, but it is a designer's nightmare because I don't follow any rules but my own in there, I also rarely update it. I was going to give you a sneak peak at the two projects that having me biting my nails this week, but I'm just not ready, I really am making some progress though, but I'm too tired to go further right now so I'm stopping for the night...
sleepy toes
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Lavender leg warmers at sunset

Last week in my haste I threw my lavender batch in with my royal blue batch for their final rinse... I thought this was safe as every load I've done this past month had an old white tee shirt in the final rinse & each and every one came out clean. Not this time, no, the blue was really powerful & left just a hint of itself on the outsides of every pair in that load. Happily it rinsed out when I rewashed the lavenders separately and everything looks lovely again. I'm adding them to the leg warmer page tonight. I should only be adding stuff to the new (unreleased) version of the site, but I'm having trouble letting go of my old design (not to mention that I am just sooo much more comfortable working with NetObjects than Dreamweaver). The result is that I'm currently juggling three site designs & this one isn't as up to date as I usually keep it, the archives for this page aren't working either, not sure why. But soon I do hope to have it all straightened out. I appreciate everyone's patience in the meantime, I am mentally swamped right now and (as usual) trying to do way too many things in preparation for the busy season ahead of us.
P.S. you did know yesterdays image led to a little gallery of images of that style right?
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Long sock madness

They only made six pairs & surely thought us mad for such a request...
we started around 20 inches, went to 36, then 50 & 100, could we get 200 inch socks?
they are the same paneled rib knit as the shorter longsocks
but wait, they aren't 200 inches, they are 215, that's just under 18 feet!!!
I really could move around in them too, though I got really warm fast
I think they made my legs look like dolly legs, rag dollies maybe.
These were not easy for the knitters to make so I promised not to order more...
two went to early "bidders", we are keeping a pair for the eventual sock museum
three pairs remain...
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