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Online gaming friends of mine sent in some pictures of the Pippy Longstockings and the Black Cotton Slouch Socks.....

The Pippy Long Stockings are by far the most comfy socks that I have in my wardrobe.
They are adorable and so affordable. Thank you very much! - Amy, Seattle, WA.

And we just don't get to see enough pictures of men in our socks.
They were kind to provide us with some!

This splendid couple plays XBox Live together under the name SaveTattoo, and we can see why.
Over the past few months, I've come to enjoy their clever wit and kind hearts.
To see what they really look like, click here.
Saturday, April 30, 2005 ~ permalink(0) sock thoughts

Pretty in Pink........

Xilia laughs and It's raining all day. She loves to be one of the girls.....

.........Pretty in pink....Isn't she?

I have become enamoured with pink...I thought I had pretty pretty pink everything and then Shell sent us these adorable pom poms sock garters. They were originally meant to be worn thigh high, but I cut the second snaps off and made mine knee high. I wanted to be able to show them off! :) My first day I paired these with the O-Chevrons in pink. A very cute look indeed!!!

Then yesterday I got a little more adventurous and came up with this fantastic combo....

It consists of a base layer of the lime and seafoam Green Knees with the pink pom poms cut to fit the knee area and topped with the smaller footed Super-M's. I think the color combos clash in such a way as to be delightful and so it seems did the many people last night! A ton of fantastic comments and a ton of Biz cards handed out.

You will notice that I wear my loser fit socks VERY baggy.... In japan the FrUiTs seem to adore this look. The Super-M's are perfect.. so loose so baggy and so divine!!!!!!! If you like your socks to be smooth and non slouchy, then perhaps these are not the socks for you, but there are so many to chose from here on the site I am sure everyone can find something that suits their tastes and style-even if its NOT pink! :)

Xilia Faye
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Crazy for longer socks

Super Striped Love from LaDawn
People get so excited about socks sometimes when they write that they completely forget we are not right there inside their heads with them and we get utterly vague questions like this:
your black and white striped socks are sold out. when will you be getting more?

We have several black & white socks...
Can you please be more specific?
still haven't heard back from that one, but the next one quickly turned into a productive exchange I've already been contemplating for some time...
any chance of a longer sock like the super ms coming up? or the super stripes?

I'm not understanding the question...

i was asking if you will have longer socks available that are made like the super ms?
i wanted the crazylong socks but dont think that they would have fit my thighs and the super ms are a perfect fit except i would like them to be longer.
i also bought the super stripes and i adore them but again wish they were longer.
sorry for being unclear;)

Okay, yes, we could go longer…
You want really long like the crazy longs?
Like in the 50 inch range? 88 inches or 100?

if the super ms are already 50 then id say i would like about 70 inches or so.
i love stripes but solids would be great too.
when i ordered the superstripes i was so excited to get them i couldnt sleep until i tried them on. i adore them so much. currently my favorite socks (pic attatched). replacing my super ms as my favorite socks.
but id be in love forever with 70 inch socks.
thanks for listening to me ramble....

So, whaddya think?
even you guys out there who usually stay quiet...
I know a bunch of you miss the really long socks and we could definitely have something from the DreaM lines made a whole lot longer...
the question is, just how soon should we?
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Tangerines and Oranges and Persimmon

painting with photoshop
....and pompoms too!
For the sake of simplicity I usually stick with supplier names & colors which results in such things as lime green & neon green being virtually identical...
pink, neon pink & fuchsia is another good example.
The orange that, up til recently, was the only orange our M line had was called tangerine by our sock makers, but I didn't think it was bright enough for that name so I called it persimmon in all but one sock, the M Stripes, I think I liked the way blue & tangerine sounded together and stayed consistent with the black & tangerine stripes right below them. Then the new Super Stripes arrived, the goal being a red/orange combo, I chose tangerine, probably thinking about simplicity again (because I'm easily confused & have a ton to keep track of these days). But I didn't post pictures for several days & a few people went ahead and bravely ordered this "new" color, not realizing it was the same old persimmon as the M Stockings, M40s and is just a bit brownish, sienna even. Today I added the pictures and got it pretty close, it was tough though, to get the red as bright as it is and make the orange less than as bright as it appeared in most of the images, thank goodness for photoshop!!!
In a related story...
I had an epiphany today and renamed the M Stocking category DreaM Stockings and switched them into the main sock section so that they will show up on the menu that is on the right side of all the sock pages making them easier to find and alot less confusing now that there are sooo many to choose from, it brings it alot higher up on the main sock list too and just generally makes alot more sense ~:)
More about the Uber cute new Pompom sock garters later...
Thursday, April 28, 2005 ~ permalink(0) sock thoughts

I tried 'em, too!

The new thick and bulky bootsocks in pink!

While I can't wear them in most shoes (due to the fact that it's hard enough for me to find shoes that fit me, sockless!), I found them to be excellent for around-the-house wear! They're so thick and soft; I would compare them to one of those super-absorbent towels, the ones with so many tiny loops crammed into every square inch. :) I got the large and they fit my size 12s just fine, and could be pulled up to a high midcalf, almost knee-high, although I liked them scrunched a little.

They were soft, warm and breathable, and I wore them for over twelve hours comfortably, leading me to conclude that these are GREAT bootsocks. I prefer them to the EG Smith Original bootsocks for the elastic factor; I tend to like my socks very snuggly (i.e., will fit the form of foot and leg and stay up decently) and these seem to fit the bill a little better. :) I hope that in the future we can get these in for winter, in more colors, and perhaps in one solid color? A note: if you're really bothered by seams, keep in mind that the seams on these are a little thicker than most. They only bothered me because I have a sore toe, but I thought I should mention it for any of you who are VERY concerned with seams. They weren't a problem for me other than on that toe, though...yo. ;)

Wednesday, April 27, 2005 ~ permalink(0) sock thoughts

Oooh la la

Through Niqkita's mirror
French cut lace top fishnet pantyhose are in!
I've been fascinated by these for ages, but there are several to choose from and I often suffer from an inability to make choices. When confronted by too many choices I sometimes choose not to choose. Until recently, when I just went for it and got this style in. As soon as I put them on I could do nothing but stare, pose and click, click, click, lots of pictures, mostly through the mirror, and still the pictures don't do these justice. They are incredibly sexy, very flattering and quite unique. The trellis pattern starts on the outsides of the feet and goes up the legs, then there is the panty design that has a belly revealing flora lace front and a derriere decorating design on the rear. The pattern of the lace in the front is nearly genius as it reveals little thought it appears to show all...
modesty prevails, but I must show their delightful pattern, so here it is...
They just come in the one size and though it is stretchy and quite comfy the listed max weight is 175.
Now that I've discovered just how fantastic these are I plan to bring in more of the available variations over the coming months...
Tuesday, April 26, 2005 ~ permalink(0) sock thoughts

Like your fav t-shirt...

soft and light
These are a great basic cotton knee high from Hot Sox.
They call them flat knit knee highs, but they totally remind me of a good old comfy t-shirt, except they aren't old, they don't even look old, but they do look comfy. And after a few days of testing I can tell you that they are as comfy as they look!
...they stay up pretty well too. I think they'll fit up to about a women's 10 or so (we'll have to get some feedback after larger feet have tried them) , unfortunately, Xilia tried them and says they not only don't fit smaller feet so well, they also don't do well on larger calves ~:(
I've just been assured by our rep that we can order more of these in basic colors, so there will be black, grey & dark brown not to mention plenty more white, the rest of the colors are iffy though so if you like them you might just want to go ahead and try them while we have them...
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We Took Sunday Off

Monday, April 25, 2005 ~ permalink(0) sock thoughts


for pink knees? No, not the kind you get from scrubbing the floor. These!

Just like the rest of the OTK M Stockings, the fit and color of these is superb. They'll fit even my size 12 feet, go over even my knees, and (for the most part) stay there with ease! I paired the red and pink knees with Cotton Slouch Socks in red for extra cushion in the boots, and they stayed comfy and fun all day. There are so many color combos to pick from, and at only $6 a pop, you'll be able to try them all! OK, well, maybe just some. Definitely a few. ;)

Friday, April 22, 2005 ~ permalink(0) sock thoughts

Kassandra in Two Tone Lycra Fishnet Pantyhose and lime lighter knit M40s.

She has been ill with the flu, and we at The Sock Palace wish her a speedy recovery.
Friday, April 22, 2005 ~ permalink(0) sock thoughts

Wall to Wall Carpeting

We had those hard, speckled floor tiles in the house I grew up in. As an adult I have always wanted to have plush, thick wall to wall carpeting to erase those childhood memories of uncomfortable toes on hard dusty floors. Unfortunately the kind of thick plush carpeting I desire is out of my financial reach for now, so I have satisfied myself with a less expensive alternative... Slippers, lots of them. I have told my friends that slippers are my wall to wall carpeting... for everywhere I step it there is plush thick softness.
Now I have another alternative to slippers (one I can wear out with me into the world)... Imagine that... wall to wall carpeting where ever I walk inside or out. Couldn't get anybetter even if rose petals where thrown at my feet.
These may very well be the CUSHIEST socks I have ever owned! These Thick & Bulky Boot Socks (my own personal wall to wall carpeting) are a beautiful soft baby pink with gray and are so uber thick and cozy that you must try a pair to understand just how cushy they really are. They allowed me to finally wear my red Chucks (the sneakers were always a bit too big for me, but with these 'cushy like shag carpeting' socks they fit just fine).

On the downside, the socks didn't perfectly fit my size 11's (I really do like my toe wiggle room). Please note that the socks worn in these pics (shown with the argyle leg warmers) are the medium size. I also have a pair of the largest size in orange (the coolest color.. reminds me of orange creamsicles) which fit a bit better, but just still not up to a "perfect" fit... however, they were close to fitting, and still looked and felt great.

These Thick & Bulky Boot socks don't quite make it to mid-calf on me, and I must admit that at first I found the difference between the thick thick sock and the thinner stretchy top portion a bit odd... but after a night of wearing them cutely scrunched It didn't bother me at all. And now after wearing my Orange ones all around for days... I must admit I don't find it so odd anymore.
I would totally recommend these to everyone with bare floors, big shoes... oh just anyone with feet really :O) I am sure these pretty and 'oh so fluffy' socks will become favorites. They really are amazing and fun to wear. Vel and I are going to enjoy our new wall to wall carpeting socks regardless of our big paws.

Thursday, April 21, 2005 ~ permalink(0) sock thoughts

if your day needs a little brightening...

just leave it to your toes!

The Rainbow Toes, like pretty much everything from Foot Traffic, are wonderful! They're comfy, basically seamless, bright, stretchy, and they stay up! I've worn these several times and haven't had any fading, flattening, or thinning yet. Their tube-sock style makes them easily adaptable to almost any "adult"-sized foot, while their bright colors remind you of that box of crayons you may or may not have left behind. Plus, these are just about knee-high on me, proving their great fit! ;)

Oh, and I really will get to that (now larger) pile of new socks soon, these just stood the test of time so well that I wanted to share. :)
Thursday, April 21, 2005 ~ permalink(0) sock thoughts

when we love our socks too much...a tale of O Chevrons in Pink

So here it is.....
My sordid tale of over indulging my most favoritist socks
(gasp....yes even above and beyond the much adored sushi socks).

I got a pair of the o chevrons when we first got in samples
and have been wearing them and washing them..
wearing them and washing them over and over again.

And now here I find myself trying to snap some pictures and I see all the wearing have turned my socks into a lovely pile of unphotogenic stains that even repeated washings in hot water won't remove....
the dirt in the heel from where I walked in socked feet
along the cool ground after a long hike...
The splodges of chili and beer stains from a nights dining and rounds on the town,
the small muddy splatters from riding my bike on rainy days......

These socks have an appeal I can't deny
and I still find myself reaching for them over and over..
digging through the laundry and ignoring the piles of other socks begging me to wear them. How long can this love affair last?!!! Ages it would seem, as the basic structure of the sock is still 100% intact even after all this wear.

So apologies for the stained pics, but know that each blotch and smudge is a memory of mine filled with love that I share with you all.

Love love love the o chevrons!!!!!!!!!
Which oddly enough I wore AGAIN today!!!! :)-
Xilia Faye
Wednesday, April 20, 2005 ~ permalink(0) sock thoughts

Bright and Early!

...or late, whichever you prefer,

these Checkered Flag Socks are sure to get your eyes all a-googly!

OTK on most, these were just Knee-high on myself and stayed up brilliantly. Larger-legged ladies and gents will have to be careful of the slightly restricting calves on these (due to the woven pattern), but I found them to be no problem for my wee 13" lower legs. They stretched to accomodate my size 12s very well, too! I give these eight toes up and suggest you get a pair now before they're all gone for good!

soon to on that small pile o' socks and MORE!!!

Wednesday, April 20, 2005 ~ permalink(0) sock thoughts

So soft and so fluffy its like walking on clouds...

The thick and bulky bootsocks for the little footed have finally arrived !!!! I have been wearing a pair of the bigger size around the house for weeks now but with the new smalls I can actually fit them into my shoes and walk on clouds where ever I go! They come in a dazzling array of springtime colors that will brighten your day every time you glance down at your happy toes.

Even though these socks are bulky and thick they are very breathable and my feet did not get to hot while hiking in them this weekend.

Another great multipurpose sock ( lounging, hiking, looking cute) to add to your collection...The only problem with these is deciding which one of the many colors to make your own....;)-
Xilia Faye
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Sleeping Beauty

Little miss Lotus Toes Natosi, AKA Lola, Sock Inspector Extraordinaire
is nine months old this week!
fuzzy toes napping
Rarely is she far from my toes...
Shhhh, don't wake the baby!
Here she is with her big brother Jake playing ball at the park earlier this week...
I've got the ball!!!
She loves everyone & everything & is as sweet as can be...
even when she is being naughty V^^V '

Sunday, April 17, 2005 ~ permalink(0) sock thoughts

Socky Saki

Sushi and socks...
two of my favorite things in this world...
And now I can have both in one!!!!!
When I saw these sushi printed beauties at the trade show I knew we had to get them-even if I bought every last pair for myself! (I would never have to do laundry again!:)- Luckily Niq liked them enough to get them in!!!!!!!!!!!! Yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am not sure, but I think these might be the first if not the first of few novelty type socks Sockdreams has carried. And how can you go wrong with sushi!!!!!?

The little Sushi shapes are embroidered on, which makes the inside if the sock full of soft fuzzy little nubbys that actually feel really neat when taking the sock on and off. Once the sock is on I did not notice the nubs at all.

These are a great socky addition for those, who like me, are sushi obsessed.
(Does anyone else eat it at least 3 times a week?!!!!!! :) )

Xilia Faye
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A night out...

I've been eager to try out these new capri leggings I got from Music Legs, but they somehow seem too dressy to wear around the house or office, not that they are and not that I let that keep me from wearing nice stuff when I feel like it, but I just hadn't gotten around to wearing these yet.
Today was a rough and painful day, tax day, that never used to have a huge impact on me, but now it is a bit depressing. Luckily I had agreed to go work at an author event for Powell's tonight at a church downtown. I know, a church is an odd place to have a cookbook author event, but it was fun and it was a great excuse to dress up! I only wish I'd remembered to bring my little camera along for some church shots, instead I quickly shot some when I got home tonight so I could share these right away. Hopefully I'll get some better shots done, at least of the white & red, but for now these'll do just fine...
with a skirt or without...
Earlier today I did wear them around the office, under a pair off cut off jeans and I really liked that look, I'm sure to feature it here on another day so you can see what I mean. These are pretty much sheer so you should wear something over your bits & pieces, unless you want to show off your panties ~;)
I found them to be quite comfy and a nice complement to socks because I'm always on the lookout for shorter things to wear on my legs so I can show off my socks. At only $10 I think these are a great value!
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Message received

On my worst days the nice letters people send make me smile and make all the stress worthwhile.
On my best days letters like this just plain make me smile ~:)
a crinoline skirt with stripey thigh highs
(pictured above, me in a white midlength crinoline with red & white stripeys)

Name: Betsi
Email: Don'

Oh my GOD. This is so wonderful. I've been a sock fiend FOREVER.. since I was like five. And lately I'm being converted to the ways of the skirt by a pal of mine who own two pairs of pants and about a zillion skirts. Thing is, I won't wear skirts unless I can wear non-sneaker shoes with, and that usually means wearing nice socks or stockings. 99% of my socks and things right now are basic socks and or kinda ratty. Soooooo I've been needing to invest in some new/better/cooler socks. I found my way here from the FRUiTS LJ community and I'm so glad I did. Just now I have no money to spend, as I'm moving in like two weeks. But I'm so celebrating my new apartment with new socks! Woohoo!

Sorry for the mild craziness of this, I just am so delighted at your selection, reasonable prices, and free shipping! Don't worry about replying to this, I don't have an email right now.
Thursday, April 14, 2005 ~ permalink(0) sock thoughts

A peek into the future...

The Legale fall line, the good stuff!
These were on my table earlier today.
We had a visit from the Legale rep, fall line in totes, ready to touch & ogle...
These were the ones that made the cut, the several that made my eyes widen and my toes wiggle, actually there were more than I could get a good shot of (damn them & their awesome assortment!) but these were the really good ones!
So what do we have?
From the top left corner, these are a style that reminds me of the space dyed, but in a thicker knit with a cuff, soft to touch with ice creamy yummie colors, next to those, SHAG socks! yes, and lots of colors, how could I resist??? Top center is fuzzy stripeys (lots of those coming, from Hot Sox too:) knee highs with fuzzy little multi colored stripes, honest to goodness waffle knitted socks, just like thermal, in striped knee highs! (the suppliers, they are catching on and getting better & better stuff for us!!!), OH! those that you can barely see on the right, fuzzy socks with argyle tops (quite a few tasty argyles coming this year), those thick ribbed stripes, they are a wool blend (nice & soft wool), that bottom center sock, fuzzy with a dipped dye appearance, four colors, too dreamy to pass up! Fuzzy POLKA DOTS! yes, polka dotted socks even I couldn't resist! and last, there on the left, thick striped fuzzy knee highs!!! I think fuzzy OTKS are just another year away (at most)!!!
Some of these should start trickling in later this month, most will not arrive til August though...
but don't worry, my table is never empty for long!!!
Wednesday, April 13, 2005 ~ permalink(0) sock thoughts

Stacked to my left...

silky cashmere socks!!!
Our newest Hot Sox are chenille...
not fuzzy like the other chenille Hot Sox we got last winter
this version is smooth, almost silky, really comfy!
so comfy that I'm having trouble choosing just one pair. At $13 they are an affordable luxury item and it couldn't hurt to have more than one color ready to wear for special occasions. They are 92% rayon, but don't worry, they don't require dry cleaning ~:) The brown is a deep dark brown that fit in perfectly with my chocolate theme, if you go to their page you'll see what I mean. Oh, I know most of you know this, but every week I hear from someone who doesn't, if you click the dot to the left of the color description the image will appear so that you can see what we mean by mushroom or dark olive, though monitors can vary & your results may differ....
Tuesday, April 12, 2005 ~ permalink(0) sock thoughts

Speaking of Pink...

Pink Ms
Shelleopard recently asked me to compare the pink of the O Tubes to the pink of the M Stripes and I thought, why not just compare all the M Stocking pink varieties....
but actually I missed one or two. And the biggest obstacle with this task is getting them to appear correctly all together, I lost my will to go on with convincing the rose M40s to look as rosey next to the lighter pinks as they really are and I completely missed getting a pair of the raspberry pink (aka darker pink) stripes in there, when I realized that I was going to go down and set up another shot, but you might have noticed my lack of drive this week (no, I'm doing plenty, I'm just not doing it with a camera nearby, tax time, pms, ect...). Most of the pinks vary in their degree of pink vs peachy depending on the lighting, but the M40s and Super Ms are indeed the peachiest of the batch (I called it candy pink for the Supers, not sure why right now, it just sounded yummy I guess:) The socks with more elastic in them, like the ribbed M Stockings on the left, they are more pink-y, same goes for the O Pastels & O Chevrons, the O tubes are bulkier so it's like doubling the pink, it is less peachy and definitely a bit darker of a light pink, and the palest and prettiest of all are the pink Thick & Bulky Bootsocks, they just have narrow ribs of color woven in with light grey, I love the effect that creates! I haven't done more with the rose pink because it is a thicker yarm so I don't think it couldn't be striped, but I think it can be done in the Super Stripes, if so they are on order now. And the darker or raspberry pink, should we get that in M40s or M Stockings, so far I've just used it in a few stripes, but I'm thinking we might need to do more with it...
thinking of pink...
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Pink Knees, Brownies...

a tasty batch of OTK's has just arrived
This combination was recently requested and as soon as I thought about it I hit myself on the forehead, of course! we need a whole batch of Brownies! then, a few seconds later, it also hit me how many of everything we need, so before I order in a whole selection of chocolate-y sock goodness we'll just start with these under the Pink Knees designation. Like the rest of our private label stripes they are made of cotton right here in the US by sock loving American adults because it tickles me pink to help support a family run business!
We also have this length with brown & lime green and dark brown & lime...
AKA Green Knees.
These pink knees are my fav...
Sunday comfiness ~:)
and are warming my toes this very minute,
along with one of each thick & bulky bootsocks in blue & lilac.
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Those stripes!

with a petticoat...
Yes, these are the same style as the intriguing pink pair from the other day...
seen above with a white midlength petticoat.
Lycra acrylic striped thigh highs from Leg Avenue...
(exactly like the Rainbows that we've had for awhile.)
I found that the pink and pink easily went thigh high on me but the red & white and black & white were more midthigh, so maybe just over the knees on taller or wider legs. The feet were plenty big leaving their heels closer to my ankles, easily fixed with a little adjusting. They are an acrylic spandex blend so they stay up quite well, keep their shape and won't shrink. We like them alot and think you probably will too ~:)

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April showers

During the rainy season here in Portland everything we leave outside quickly grows moss and by spring many limbs are covered in it...
Keep your knees covered, it's still chilly out!
The dampness doesn't get to me though...
I keep my knees covered in soft warmth!
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For the love of spring...

shown here with the pink bootsocks over looking Oaks  Bottom Wildlife Reserve and Portland
four fresh spring-y shades of OTK tube socks...
AKA O Tube Pastels...
yet another great comfy sock in our very own O line...
(((O for Over the Knees of course)))
Shown above with a pink pair of the new bootsocks from yesterday.
The yarn in these shades comes out a bit more nubby from the knitting, and just a tad more snug, I found them to be superior in just a little way, they stay up and in place quite a bit better on me.
I really like the lilacs with the peacock EG Smith tights, Mmmm-Mmmm!!!
space dyed and pastel tubes, DREAMY!
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Our thickest comfiest socks yet!

Sampled since early March, recieved late March and now they are ready for you too!
Yes, they are finally up!
Originally we were going to call these pastel bootsocks because their colors are so soft, but a couple of them are less than pastel-y, though they are thick & bulky...
made of high bulk acrylic, so Thick & Bulky Bootsocks it is!
When we got our sample pairs early last month we immediately fell in love and ordered a bunch, a whole bunch. The only little problem with them is that they aren't so little. You see, we ordered them in our usual two sizes, for smaller feet and for medium to larger feet, but when Xilia started prepping them last week she noticed that the smalls were mediums and the larger size was, well, large! I'll let her give you the small footed review on another day, rest assured we'll order in a yet smaller size, that is how much we love these!
Why do we love them so much? they are really comfy, sooo comfy! and soft, did I mention they are thick, yes, quite thick, with terry insides. And for those who are not cotton purists these have the advantage of staying thicker and dryer with prolonged use because of the acrylic, and, to me, they do not have *that feel* that acrylic sometimes does. I already have several pairs because one just isn't enough, even for someone who is surrounded by socks night and day. I like wearing them over other socks to keep the feet clean (and warmer)....
this yellow makes me smile
yes, it really is true, I wear a pair nearly every day, with or without other socks under them.
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It's tax time...

we really will add them really soon, really!
and while I'm not completely behind I am a bit overwhelmed and no where near as caught up as I'd like to be.
So, I've been a bit slow in getting some items up and some images added.
I hope, with my toes crossed, that I will start catching up in the next day or so...
And now, I present the O Chevrons, soon to be featured in Bust magazine...
soooo sexy & comfy!
O for Over the Knees and Chevron for the little Vs all the way down them:
chev ron ~ noun
1. A badge or insignia consisting of stripes meeting at an angle, worn on the sleeve of a military or police uniform to indicate rank, merit, or length of service.
2. Heraldry. A device shaped like an inverted V.
3. A V-shaped pattern, especially a kind of fret used in architecture.

Not only are these super sexy, they are really comfy and stay up well too!

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Sunday night sock thoughts

an old photoshopped image from long ago...
Every so often I go back in time through the journal, back to the Socks the Day era and the one thing I notice the most while I'm there is how much this journal has changed from the days I started it, updating and moving days back manually as I went, without the help of modern blogging technology. The images were sized at random based on my moods & desires, the text varied in layout and content, and alot of times I was more personal than I tend to be now. Now I have helpers and several guest reviewers and we mostly focus on reviewing the socks and sometimes sharing ideas and plans for the future or big events we're undertaking. But the biggest change has been the addition of a comments system 2 years ago last month, strangely not all who visit here are aware that they can click the text below that says "sock thoughts" and leave a comment or read comments left by others. Of the 200+ people who visit this page daily only a handful comment. Now I'm not saying I want everyone to comment, we've already learned that we don't need to know what some of our visitors are thinking, some things are best kept to yourself~ we are a family friendly website afterall, regardless of what you may think or hope "Fetishizing socks since 2000" means. But if you have thoughts, questions, comments that you wouldn't mind my little sister and your mother reading than please, feel free to leave them, I love when we review something and get several other people's opinions about it, that helps all of us make better decisions about which socks to wear & buy. We're not here to set trends or tell you how to dress, just Like Andrew said in the comments of the previous post, I have always felt strongly that everyone, male, female, big or small should wear what they are comfortable in, what makes them feel good, not what they think society or their neighbors want to see them in. We don't feature outfits with our socks very often and I rarely buy new shoes, we trust you to decide what will go with the socks, whether you make it up as you go or base it on the pages of Vogue or any other form of media. I've said it before & I'll say it again, wear what you enjoy and enjoy what you wear. Be creative, be boring, be you, just be. And be sure to keep your toes warm...
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Throx in Wales

hills full of history
From these hills were hewn the stones of Stonehenge,
Dragged to a new home east by man and beast

In these hills Arthur King of the Britons was laid to rest
Buried with a fortune in gold say myths of old

Yes these hills were the lands of Owaiyn Glendwr
The King of Wales, famed in Shakespeare’s tales

Atop these hills witches were burned at the stake
Spells, potions and brew, was witchcraft really true?

Straddling these hills was Britain’s last public gallows
The wind whines carrying the voice of sinners repenting their crimes

Under these hills the barrows of the dead
Where medieval man sleeps, the passing of the years softening a history of tears

Through these hills cuts the river Teifi
On its banks the first settlement of Wales, steeped in myth, mystery and tales
The river Teifi
Walking these hills that have carried their history for millennia
Following the footprints on the ranges, indelible immortality through the ages.

Exploring the land of mages and kings, a mortal man and his Throx
beyond the gate
Celebrity Sock Mascot Andrew Whittaker and his Throx in Wales

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Mix and Match

This new trend seems to be popping up almost every where. One leg in stripes and one leg fishnetted seems to be the combo chosen by most of the gals I have seen running around the trendier areas of Downtown Portland. Personally a stickler for balance this is a hard style for me to try and test out.... So I mixed and matched as best as I could and came up with this "negative image".

It consists of Black opaque thigh highs with white bows under white thigh high fishnets with backseams
On the other leg it is reversed with Black bows on a white stocking under black fishnets. This combo ended up looking sooooo cute- I got a ton of comments! :) Its a nice simple way to latch on to the hottest sock wearing style in a slightly more mellow way

Xilia Faye
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